about me
birth date:28 december 2003

hello again my name is denane and I'm from Russia. my life seems like a repeating nightmare to me and my destructive thoughts led me to philosophical books that I like. also i love classical literature and some kind of fanfiction. my favorite food is spaghetti, I like energy drinks that are contraindicated for me to drink ( ̄ヘ ̄)

I have very colorful and memorable dreams because of the pills. that's why I often go to my Wonderland. escape from reality so easy for me =) and It's make me so sad sometimes. my health is not okay and I take pills that made me so passive and lazy. I have eating disorder since I was 10 and this destroy me..

books and drawing save me and I plan to post my best drawings here. I don’t really like TV shows, I prefer movies and anime (sometimes it seems to me that I’m just a child).